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Denise Ho,  Associate Attorney

Denise has been practicing since 2014, with a focus on family law. Her practice emphasized civil litigation and litigious family law issues. Denise understands that any family law matter involves a range of emotions that can change frequently throughout the process. She strives to reach mutually beneficial outcomes, but when that is not possible, she is prepared to vigorously advocate for her clients in court. With every matter Denise’s goal is to attain results that allow clients to move forward with their lives.


For Denise, providing a solution for a client is not just about winning. She understands that in many ways, avoiding litigation is a good thing because it saves her clients time, money and emotional stress. Denise’s focus is to guide clients through a potentially complicated process by selecting the best course of action for their case. Her goal is to get clients to arrive at the best solution for their case and their family.

Contact Denise
 (949) 289 - 9089

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